Simple Funeral

by memories funeral directors


Simple Funeral


Our Simple Funeral Service includes:

  • Collection of your loved one.
  • A visit to your home by the funeral director to obtain signatures, you can attend our offices at your convenience or by post. (A legal requirement).
  • Traditional Hearse for the service.
  • All disbursements included.
  • Funeral director services including care up until the day of the service.
  • Up to 10 family or friends can attend.
  • Up to 30-minute service.
  • Early morning services only 8:00 am or 8:30 am.
  • Traditional oak veneered coffin fitted with gold coloured handled and name plaque.
  • Ashes can be collected from the Crematorium 24 hours after service or alternatively can be strewn in the garden of remembrance following cremation. (attended or unattended.)

Simple Funerals

This is when there are only a few family members (up to 10) are able to attend. Restricted early morning only availability for these services.

As the funeral director, we would be there to advise and assist whenever necessary, families often feel that this way gives them more personnel and respectful reflection of their loved ones life.

At Memories we understand that families prefer to make much more of a contribution to the service rather than letting someone else conduct proceedings.

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