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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that arranging a funeral can sometimes be a tricky and emotional thing to have to do. There are usually a lot of emotions occurring and often lots to do in a short space of time. For anyone who is thinking about arranging a funeral for a loved one, or even planning a funeral for the future we have compiled a list of questions we are commonly asked, that may prove useful.


How long is the service at the crematorium?
This depends on the crematorium; however, a good rule of thumb would be 20 to 25 minutes for the service. Our local crematorium is Stockport Crematorium, and they allow 45 minutes for each service, however as we enter and leave from the same door, we allow 15 -20 minutes to enter and leave and catch up with friends and family outside the chapel.

Can my loved one be dressed in their own clothes?
Yes, we encourage people to choose to have their loved on dressed in their own clothes. This makes spending time with your loved more familiar and reassuring.

Do I have to have my loved one embalmed?
No. As a company we do not routinely embalm anyone in our care. Some local companies do this, and will often refer to it as “hygienic treatment” however it is not necessary. We believe that the intrusive nature of the procedure can sometimes outweigh any benefit embalming may bring. However, there may be cases where embalming is beneficial, in that case we will have a discussion with you and talk through all the options.

Are the ashes I get back definitely the ashes of my loved one?
Yes. There are strict procedures to ensure that a deceased person is the only person cremated at a time, and that the ashes you receive are only the cremated remains of your loved one.

Do you accept payments from the DWP?
We do, we work closely with the DWP and understand their procedures so we can help you make a claim from the DWP for help toward funeral costs. We do not judge and never belittle anyone who needs to ask for help. We understand that a funeral can be an unexpected expense and so not everyone is prepared for the costs that come with a death, we will help in any way we can.

We would like to carry the coffin but are not the same height is this a problem?
No, it is a rare case where the people carrying a coffin into the place of service are all the same height. Our staff will put you in height order and explain to you the best way to carry your loved one safely.

Can I put things in the coffin with my loved one?
The answer is yes, but, if the funeral is a cremation service there are some items which cannot be cremated, we will talk you through this when we meet.

At the crematorium how many pieces of music can we have?
As many as you want within the time we are permitted. The crematorium is a place where you can say goodbye however you want (as long as it is legal!) some people will choose to just play music; however most people find three pieces of music is about right. Something to enter the crematorium to, something to leave to and something in the middle as a reflection piece.

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