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Why Choose Us

Memories Funeral Service is a family owned and run funeral director covering Stockport and all areas of Greater Manchester. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our focus on being entirely driven by the families we look after. We will never pressure you or coerce you into making unnecessary purchases. We know that a funeral is an expense not everyone is prepared for, and we will do everything we can to support you and your loved ones.

When looking for a funeral director to look after your loved one there are some key points to look out for.

  • Are they transparent with their costings?

Every funeral director legally must be clear and transparent with how much they charge for their services. In September 2021 it was made a requirement following an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority that all funeral director’s display a clear and easy to read price list, in a standard format. If a funeral director does not show their costs on their website, or tell you the full costs when you speak to them, why not? We will always be honest with the cost of a funeral and explain to you fully what charges we add to the invoice and what charges are made by third parties such as a crematorium or minister.

  • Do you get a good feeling when speaking to your funeral director?

It is very important to get a good feeling when choosing a funeral director. The company you appoint will be very involved with you and your family for the coming weeks and it is important you feel comfortable speaking to them, being honest and open yourself and placing your loved one in their care. Some companies pressure people into choosing them, it is important to know you have options and choices. Even if you have appointed a funeral director already, if things don’t feel right, you can change your funeral provider.

  • Where will your loved one be?

Some funeral companies in the area have large mortuaries on industrial estates, or out of areas where your loved one will be kept and will be dressed be a team of different people. We will always keep your loved one with us in one of our funeral premises in Stockport where you can visit them in the chapel of rest. Your loved one will only ever be looked after by your dedicated funeral team, of Funeral Director and Funeral Arranger.

We will always make you welcome and suggest ways you can personalise the day and say goodbye to your loved one in a special way. We will never pressure you or try to sell anything to you.

We are always here to help when you need us

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