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At Memories Funeral Service, we are a small team of people who care. We will always put your needs before profit and between us we have many years of experience of delivering funerals to an exceptionally high standard. Because we are a small family team we are able to dedicate the time needed to help you, and to guide you through this time but also be there for you after the funeral.

David Ollerenshaw

David Ollerenshaw

David founded Memories with wife Helen after noticing that there is a need for an affordable Funeral Director of quality. David’s role is not restricted to one area of our profession, often seen assisting our Funeral Director in capacity of Funeral Service Operative he also manages all aspects of the business. David enjoys taking an active role in all aspects of the day to day running of the funeral homes.

Simon Pendlebury
Funeral Director

Simon joined us in 2021, with 10 years experience in funeral operations he brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the role. Always putting the needs of families first he is dedicated to his profession. He strives for perfection and has a keen interest in the history of funerals, he brings the tradition to all the funerals he conducts. Simon’s eye for details means you can trust that all will go well on the day of the funeral, and his shoes will always have a shine. After Simon encountered loss at a young age he has honed his skills to ensure that everyone is well cared for.

Helen Ollerenshaw
Funeral Arranger 

Helen has the ability to put you at ease straight away, after starting the business with David she has shown she has all the necessary skills to be able to guide and advise those arranging a funeral. She has played a massive part in developing our culture of care without extortionate cost and driving forward our butterfly theme. After suffering loss herself Helen is able to understand the need for care, compassion and quality. Helen will always be able to make a suggestion for personalisation and help you to honour the memory of your loved one.

Rebecca Ollerenshaw
Funeral Service Operative

Rebecca is David and Helen’s daughter and is our lead Funeral Service Operative within the business. Never missing an opportunity to learn and to develop her skills, and care she has proven to be a valuable member of the team. Rebecca joined us in 2021 and quickly found her feet within the family business.

Kenny Hinds
Funeral Service Operative

Kenny is a valued member of our team, always diligent and thinking of others. Kenny will usually be there on the day of the funeral to support our families through the day alongside our Funeral Director. He comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience which make him a wonderful member of the Memories team.

Butterfly Grey

Neil Newton
Funeral Service Operative

Neil joined the team in 2022 and has fast become a firm favourite, with his unending “dad jokes” he keeps us all entertained and will be found supporting the team on the day of the funeral. 

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