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Horse & Carriage Funeral

At Memories Funeral Service we are experts in delivering traditional horse drawn funerals. We are able to offer a range of options for you to be able to really personalise the funeral for your loved one. 

Available Options:
We are fortunate to be able to offer our families a range of choices when we arrange a traditional horse drawn funeral for your loved one. 


Black Hearse
White Hearse
Pink Hearse

Team of 2, 4 or 6

When we guide you through the arrangement process, we will ask whether you would like the hearse to be drawn by 2, 4 or 6 horses, these can either be all black, all white or a mix of both. We will also ask you whether you want the hearse to be black, white or we can offer a unique pink hearse. 

We will also talk to you to offer a choice of plumage colour, along with the drapes that will adorn the horses. 

This is a very unique and special way to say goodbye and with our experience in leading traditional horse drawn funerals we can assure that the day will be as special as your loved one. 


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