Biker Funerals

by memories funeral directors


Biker Funerals


Biker Funeral Service includes:

  • All Funeral Directors fees and services
  • Provision of Funeral Service Arrangements
  • Private transfer of the deceased to our Funeral Home
  • All disbursements included
  • Mutual Agreement on the Time and Date of Funeral
  • Care of your loved one until the day of the Funeral
  • Dressing your loved one in their own clothes or gown
  • Viewing of your loved one in our chapel of rest
  • Optional Minister or Celebrant to conduct service on day.
  • Optional Limousine which sits seven family members
  • A distinctive traditional hand veneered oak coffin lined, fitted with gold coloured handles and name plate
  • Funeral procession from the family home to Crematorium
  • All arrangements with Crematorium of your choice. Ashes can be collected from the Crematorium 24 hours after service or alternatively can be strewn in the garden of remembrance following Cremation. (attended or unattended.)

Biker Funerals

Celebrate the life of your loved one the way they would want to be remembered.

At Memories we try to offer everything a family may require to give their loved ones the send off that they would hope for so we are proud to offer a biker service which consists of a choice of trike towing and our customised trailer which replaces the usual traditional hearse that people are used to.
This can also be used in partnership with all types of vehicles from traditional vintage cars to farm vehicles such as tractors land rovers or whatever the family would wish to use.
If families wish to use vehicles of their own to tow customised trailer this can be arranged.

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