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Memory Seeds

Arranging and attending a funeral is one of the most difficult and challenging things we will do in our life, we are here to make that process easier and simpler. Where we can we will make suggestions for a truly unique and beautiful send off, as well as offering ways in which your loved one can be remembered. 

As we move away slightly from the more restricted and traditional way of saying goodbye we are increasingly looking for meaningful ways in which we can honour those we love and say goodbye in the best way we can. 

We are pleased to be able to offer our range of memorial seeds which can be personalised to suit and meet your needs. 

We offer Forget-Me-Nots, Sunflowers, Mixed Poppy’s and Red Poppy’s. The envelopes these come in can be in a range of designs as well which you can see in the gallery below. 

The minimum order for memorial seeds is 20 with no maximum order, though orders are only available in multiples of 10.

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